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Leadership Edge is eligible for Canada-Alberta Job Grant!

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Good news, trailblazers!  Despite sinking dollars and tightening belts, the government recognizes that empowering leaders and investing in a skilled and productive workforce is key to a healthy economy.  And we couldn’t agree more.

That’s why we’ve developed the Leadership Edge program. It’s an innovative way to add value to your employees and their work experience. We can custom design a curriculum that will work for you and your valued leaders. And we’re not just talking the top-dogs here – this is a program that will light a fire under leaders at any level. The best part? It’s eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant!

Conventional measurements of leadership, such as productivity, management and communications aren’t considered the be-all and end-all of success anymore. Flexibility works side by side with practical application, and the importance of emotional intelligence and self awareness is becoming undeniable in the realms of conflict resolution and performance. Is your workplace set up for this kind of progress? Are your leaders ready to grow your organization with the trends of the 21st century?

If these questions get your wheels turning, be sure to check out the details of the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. You can have up to two-thirds of the cost of our Leadership Edge program covered.

Learning and Development

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Forces shaping in the business environment over the next decade will have implications for the education and training of the workforce. Changing population demographics, new models of service delivery, evolving scopes of practice and technological innovations are changing the number and mix of human resources required, as well as the kinds of skills needed.

The increased emphasis on life-long learning stems from several factors. First, globally, career mobility is on the rise. Second, the focus on continuous quality improvement underscores the need to keep up with the latest research and improvements in practice. Third, the proliferation of knowledge makes it vital for employees to have access to resources to keep abreast of advances in scientific knowledge and to acquire new skills.

Healthy and High Quality Workplaces

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A high quality workplace benefits all stakeholders. Healthy and high quality work environments lead to an engaged workforce with high rates of satisfaction, retention and low absenteeism, which in turn lead to improved corporate performance. Employee engagement doesn’t just happen, it is the result of planning and forethought and careful attention to what matters most to the people who work for a company. Employee engagement is the outcome of creating a work environment where people want to come and stay. One of the most critical factors in employee satisfaction, commitment and retention is the quality and effectiveness of managers, particularly one’s direct supervisor. A key process to understanding employee engagement is to follow people as they join, stay and leave a company and identify practices that create a healthy and high quality workplace where people join, stay and strive.

Change Management and Transition Support

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Overwhelming Change = Underwhelming Results. As company’s strive to become better, employees are usually the biggest opportunity and the biggest obstacle to change. It’s not that people are opposed to new ways of working. They are just overwhelmed by the number of change initiatives and often feel as if they are all alone in shouldering the burden. In a business environment where change is the only constant, companies must be really good at change. Whether the challenge is merger integration divestiture, new IT systems, new operating processes, new regulation, or a new business, it is necessary for the workforce to deal with change. Key processes to achieve this include building and overseeing change management capacity; and providing change management guidance and services.

Organizational Design

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Creating a work environment to maximize the capacity of a company’s existing workforce is critical to keeping the company fiscally efficient, effective and satisfying to work in. Advances in technology and communication are enabling entirely new ways of doing business, including virtual teams, flexible hours, job sharing and telecommuting. Workers can now be connected and productive at all hours of the day, from anywhere.

A key process is organizational design and/or restructuring functions and departments to respond effectively to internal departments and external agencies.

Forecasting & Supply Management

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Globally, several factors will effect a company’s workforce. Demographic, economic, sociopolitical and technological changes are all converging. The result will be a continuing struggle to fill job openings with quality new hires. A key process is the development of a comprehensive workforce plan to provide managers and leaders with the tools and information to implement and executive activities that support the optimal number, mix and distribution of employees.