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Compensation consulting experts advise organizations on compensation trends and current pay rates for jobs of interest. They also help organizations design and implement compensation programs with the goal of creating the right incentives to drive employee behavior. Futures Compensation Consulting practice can help you attract new talent and stay competitive. Whether you are developing a company-wide compensation program or need assistance making compensation decisions for a single job, our extensive experience and access to comprehensive, current data can help you reach your compensation goals. We can assist you in the following areas:

Employee Value Proposition

Employees in today’s world are as much interested in your people brand as they are in their compensation. Your job postings won’t give them that, but your unique Employee Value proposition will do just that. Your EVP will capture everything you have to offer that makes you unique, from pay and benefits to the intangibles. It reveals your vision for your people and creates a clear line of sight to your culture and employee experience.

Let our culture geeks help you find out what your employees really think. We will work with your people to design your EVP and help you find and keep the people that power your organization.

Employee Engagement

Clearly, engagement can potentially translate into valuable business results. Engaged employees are motivated and eager contributors to the success of your organization. Disengaged employees threaten the morale of those around them and can damage the work environment for others. With proven employee engagement strategies, you can measure employee engagement and know where to focus your improvement tactics.

Harness our employee engagement survey to effectively measure and enhance your business engagement.

The Engagement Survey – A well-crafted survey that recognizes the diversity of responsibilities and experiences within your employee population will reveal the varying levels of engagement. You’ll identify issues like cumbersome policies, stressful working relationships and development opportunities, and you’ll be able to prioritize your efforts to improve the workplace and employee experience.

The Engagement Action Plan – With your new knowledge, you can plot a course of action to address factors contributing to employee disengagement. Use survey learnings about highly engaged segments of your employee population to identify key drivers and determine where resources will be most effectively allocated.

Keep your finger on the pulse – Ongoing touch points with your employees provide tangible proof of your commitment to giving the workforce a voice. Pulse surveys also help isolate where improvements can have the biggest impact. Combined with an annual employee survey, this strategy can help maintain or improve morale, culture and the success of your business.

Employee Training and Development

Training your people and keeping them is always a better solution than losing them to other businesses who will! Employee training and development is a necessary part of an organization’s commitment to attracting and retaining employees. With the right training, your people will grow personally and professionally, upgrading their skills and knowledge to perform better. And as they grow, not only will business performance increase, but you’ll create a culture where your people are motivated to continuously learn and improve, setting you up for future success.
At Futures, we make no assumptions about your people’s development needs. To ensure you get exactly what you need, we begin every engagement with a working session to determine goals and objectives, audience and characteristics, desired outcomes, training delivery options and timelines. We partner with you throughout the development process to ensure the goals and objectives of the training meet your organization’s vision, mission and values.

What’s even better, is that we ensure your learning is sustained by giving you access to our learning portal – a unique bank of resources, tools and online learning and networking opportunities to keep your people current in their learning journey.

HR Audits

Today’s business leaders want to ensure their people processes and technology are supporting their vision, and that they will scale to support company changes and growth. A good way to do that is to take a critical look at all processes and technology related to your employee life cycle. As critical elements of your HR Audit, our experts will conduct a review of your:

Survey Services

Do you want to increase communication and transparency? Are you interested in what your clients are thinking about you? Do you care about what your employees want? Do you want to know why they leave? Of course you do! These are questions that will help you to better understand how to position your company for growth and success.

We have a survey team with expertise in survey design, implementation, logistics, and reporting and analytics. We can customize your survey to meet your unique needs, or we can offer you our standard surveys. Either way, our stay, say and serve approach is grounded in research and here to give you what you need to succeed.

Total Rewards Programs

When your people see their pay stub or deposit notification, they’re only seeing a small part of their rewards picture. A total rewards program is the sum of their pay, benefits, time off, bonuses, performance pay, stock-based compensation and more. Greater awareness leads to greater job satisfaction, which leads to greater engagement, which leads to improved productivity, and lower turnover….You get the drill!

Let Future’s compensation and benefits experts help you to design your Total Rewards Program. Once we have that in place, the next logical step is to develop a Total Compensation Statement that is tailored to you. We will use data from wherever it resides and tailor the Total Compensation Statement to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Change Management

Managing transformational change is difficult, and oftentimes, meaningful and lasting changes fail. A lack of clearly defined goals and insufficient support from leadership are two main factors that contribute to failure. Yet, with intensifying global business challenges and an ever-growing diverse workforce, change is necessary and critical to lasting success.

Organizational change comes in many forms: the development of new initiatives or programs, the implementation of new technologies, departmental restructuring, and mergers and acquisitions, to name a few. While each type has different requirements, a common feature of any successful change is embracing the fact that the people side of change is as important as the project management side of change. Failing to plan for this means you are likely planning to fail!

At Futures, we have an expert team of change management consultants, trained in the ADKAR Model and utilizing ProSci’s current progressive research and techniques, you’ll be positioned to tackle the people side of organizational change with confidence — so your company can meet its business objectives and improve your bottom line.

HRIS Analysis and Selection

Businesses have evolved, and so has technology.. Over time, I suspect you’ve implemented various HR Systems and processes to handle everything from recruitment, to performance maangment, pay and benefits, etc. We’ve seen it before! But…how well do they all work together? Are you maximizing the ROI of your systems by reducing duplication and redundancies? Let our team of experts at Futures help you by; Getting the lay of the land – speaking with stakeholders to develop an all encompassing view of your systems are currently operating. Next, we will help you Chart your path forward by outlining what your optimal future state can look like. Finally, we will set things in motion by deliverting a roadmap that clearly marks your path from current to future state.

Client Partnership for HRIS Implementation

An investment in HR technology is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Your company is poised to alleviate the daily pressures of repetitive HR processes by implementing an HR technology solution. However, oftentimes misaligned processes, misconfigured or bad technology can actually hamper that success and you won’t deliver on the promised expectations.

We can give you an industry-leading HR project managment partner to help you grasp and relaize your vision, providing direction throughout the process to ensure its success.

We’ll collaborate on your transformation journey, develop a roadmap aligned with your business strategy, guide configuration choices, track progress, and provide a project plan and regular updates. But…we don’t stop there. We make sure the system is stable for continued production and assist you to document new system processes, training and orientation to guide your team across the finish line.

HRIS System Optimization

You’ve made a significant investment in your HRIS. You understand the value it can bring to the organization. But that’s not yet happening! Your managers and HR Business partners are still overwhelmed with transactional work. Employees continue to follow historic patterns to get their answers. Like all technology, ensuring that it is optimized is a necessary step to drive the most value and provide a consistent, scalable product to your people and your firm.

Enhancement involves mapping and improving business processes, implementing change management at the functional level, adhering to clear technology standards and instructions, and ensuring easy access to the necessary tools.

Our HR experts, project managers and change managers can partner with you to design, implement and evaluate a plan that will see your technology optimized and your people happy.